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Terms of entry

It is necessary to warn about the need to bring into the house in advance, when placing an order, because the car can be sent to the address without loaders.

If the elevator does not work on the day of delivery and you do not want to pay for the lifting of the furniture manually, please contact your manager and postpone the delivery date to another day. The delivery service is not responsible for the operation of the elevators.

To avoid conflicts between managers and customers regarding flooring and / or elevator performance, lifting services are paid for separately by courier and on site at the customer.

Terms of entry:

In the presence of a freight elevator

When lifting a freight elevator, the lift is considered for each load in the elevator.

Without a freight elevator (when lifting without a freight elevator, climbing to the floor is considered for each piece of furniture)

Assembly and installation of furniture

In accordance with the terminology, we divide the services of lifting to the floor and installation – installation is carried out exclusively by authorized employees, respectively, it is an individual in the route on delivery. Installation is possible only within m. Kyiv for an additional fee.