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Warranty period

The manufacturer has a 1-year warranty on our products.

The manufacturer guarantees the operation of its products throughout the warranty period.

Free repairs are performed on the terms and within the time limits stipulated by the Law of Ukraine “On Consumer Protection” or by agreement of the parties.

The warranty is valid from the moment of delivery.

Warranty service is carried out:

  1. During the warranty period (12 months) if the fault is caused by the manufacturer and proven.
  1. When operating furniture in accordance with the rules of operation and care.
  1. The warranty period is 18 working days!
  1. At the time of repair at the factory, the buyer has no right to demand furniture in exchange for use.
  1. The manufacturer is liable to the consumer only if the manufacturer is at fault. If the defect arose as a result of violation by the consumer of the rules of operation of furniture or their storage, exceeding the requirements of GOST 1997-93 (damage from overloads, breaks, pollution, improper operation, etc.) – the manufacturer is not responsible.
  1. Furniture with defects caused by the fault of the consumer can be restored by the manufacturer at the expense of the buyer.

WARNING! Furniture for warranty service is accepted only properly packed !!! Delivery of furniture for repair is carried out at the expense of the buyer !!!